About Us

  Arvind Enterprises Courier & Cargo Service Pvt. Ltd. was incorporated in 7th November, 2013 emerging into the Local messenger market with great inspirations, enthusiasm and dedication.

  Seed sown in the year 2013 has grown in very short span into a tree, with valued consignor's and staff support, having 3 branches with a total strength of 23 + employees working dedicatedly in three shifts, handling 1000 + documents daily. Its roots are spread all over Mumbai & beyond...

Our Skill

  Our the period, effectively studied and learned the industry, gradually investing its time and resources into quality personnel. Furthermore throughout this time, built up an impressive array of customers who continue to rely on and are still the focal parameters used to measure our success rate on a daily basis.

  From the beginning, we recognized that when we perform for you, our performance reflects directly on you and your business because of our prompt service irrespective of quantum. We attach great significance to providing personal care and attention to every single consignment and through that to every single customer. We are a Company with Vision. Encouraging the sharing of new ideas, thoughtful Planning and responsive Management. Enjoy an unparalleled reputation for service excellence and for driving our business forward with innovation, integrity and professionalism.




Team of Arvind Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.

Arvind Pandey

Founder and CEO

Arvind Pandey is the founder and CEO of Arvind Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. He brings a strong global perspective and diverse work experience in general management, business strategy and marketing along with extensive experience in working with cargo and courier services.

Marketing Division and Customer Service Cell :

  Always accountable. Always there.

  We have a centrally located team of professionals engaged in Marketing and Customer Services at marketing division, providing price fixation for each job / lot, and interaction with clients and different Service Centres, attending / resolving grievances of clients. The responsibility rests with the division for deputation of Marketing Executives to meet the customer needs. With the support of these highly innovative staff, we have accomplished our objective to serve you beyond your expectations. Our staff will be friendly, knowledgeable and receptive to your individual needs and request.

 Our business philosophy has been to keep every single client hassle-free and smiling. With all the precautions taken, human error factor creeps in, and as a result both of us are subjected to embarrassing situation. We have highly trained STAFF at each Service Centre to resolve your grievances. This has invariably resulted in a positive impact on our clients "bottomlines".

The basic Logics of functionality of Service Centre & Collection Point :

  Efficiency, Safety & Fullproof Dispatch Our success Motive.

  Our most valued earning is the customers trust because of which we have been the front runner in the race of efficiency and safety. It would be amazing to note that is dealing with 1000 + documents in a day.

  Each document is allotted, with a distinctive POD, which is fixed on the document, on which acknowledgement of consignee is obtained. The POD No. are entered into the registers at four different points, resulting in full-proof dispatch system living hardly any elbow room for missing document. Our more than 200 Collection Centres are set up with the co-operation of the Business Associates all over Mumbai, Pune & Nasik where only booking of documents is done, saving our walk-in customers valuable time.

Improvement in quality service:

 We are the one who have set service benchmark in courier industry. It is needless to say of the special care, we take of your time sensitive documents and parcels, irrespective of size & weight. We have no product to display, but give you a fairdeal by way of service.

  Suitable software packages are being developed now at few selected Service Centres on experimental basis for knowing the status of each document. The system will be introduced in other Service Centres in near future to facilitate speedy feed-back to our clients.

Future Expansion to provide efficient & more reliable Service :

 Online booking / Query facility & Prepaid Coupon System are future innovations that would be introduced to further render our services Unbeatable and Unmatched. Areas of operations will also be expanded for your mailing needs.


  We are registered under MICRO, SMALL AND MEDIUM ENTERPRISES DEVELOPMENT ACT, 2006 as SMALL ENTERPRISE and our Entrepreneurs Memorandum Number is 00-000-00-00000 dated 11.03.2014.